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Our Story

Dedication & Service

The Black Boy Joy Retreat (BBJ) is an annual event that features a combination of outdoor interactive activities blended with intellectually challenging team-building games. We have hosted this event in several major cities including Oakland, CA, Columbus, OH, Orangeburg, SC, and Bowman, SC. As we envision the future, our event is set to evolve into a week-long summer camp located in our home community of Orangeburg, SC.

BBJ involves activities that focus on our foundation Five Pillars of Economic Financial Literacy, Leadership, Teamwork, Self-Actualization, and Life Skills. Scholars between the ages of 9 and 12 will be grouped into teams where they will play and learn through organized competition, capitalizing on their inherent nature to compete, collaborate, have fun, and feed their curious natures. The teams and individuals are celebrated and recognized throughout the day for their hard work, competitive spirits, and ability to collaborate. Each scholar is provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, along with lifelong mentorship.

To amplify, cultivate, and support black youth in reaching their fullest potential.

Khala Pace, Black Joy Foundation President

Mission Statement

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